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    Professional Hair Care

    Curls, volume, straight and sleek, moisture and strength.

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    Fusion Hair Extensions

    Offering the newest hair extensions trends at the most affordable rates

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    Toronto Makeup Studio
    Full speed ahead to fabulous color

    IGORA COLOR10 is ideal for new growth and touch-up services, achieving the same result as a standard permanent color service – all in just 10 minute processing time.

    What's New
  • Makeup Studio

    Feeling beautiful inside out...

    Our bright and sunny makeup studio has a talented team of makeup artists and hairstylists to make you feel and look fantastic!


About us

Our goal is to make it an amazing experience for you at Warden Woods Hair Studio.

We provide a comfortable atmosphere. Always aiming to give quality services and products for you and your family. We will make you feel at home with us and look fabulous too!

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