• Josie Spicuglia (Owner/Senior Stylist)

    Josie is a Hair & Makeup artist with over 20 years experience in the spa & beauty industry. She studied at School of Professional Makeup and has had diverse experience including Bridal, Photoshoots and Fashion events. With her individualistic approach, she strives to make her clients feel and look thier ultimate best.

  • Joanna Spicuglia

    Joanna is a long time employee of Warden Woods Hair Studio. Following in the footsteps of her Aunt Josie and father Vince, Joanna strives for perfection. Joanna is certified in tape in and fusion hair extensions and is a master of curls with a fun and bubbly energy that always delights her clients. Joanna has shown great success and determination in reaching each clients desired look!

  • Tina Softleigh

    Tina is a licensed Jr. Stylist who takes pride in all the work she produces. Certified in fusion and tape in extensions, her creativity, up beat and fun attitude has brought a smile to all her clients. She has a passion for natural, curly hair and has surpassed expectations in the hairstyling industry. We are more delighted to have her on our team.

  • Corey James

    Coming from the infamous House of Lords, Corey has 5 years hairstylist experience including hairstyling, coloring, and a barbering background. His understanding and commitment to each and every service goes above and beyond to make sure each and every client leaves with a smile on their face!